The 3rd Upper Chapel Cemetery, which is currently in use, dates back to 1895. The 1st cemetery was located where the former 4th Chapel now stands, the 2nd cemetery (1875), on the opposite side of the road, can still be seen but the ground conditions are now unsafe due to subsidence. The current cemetery has been extended several times.

The cemetery is the property of the Church; the land is always owned by the Church. The purchaser of a plot buys only the Deed of Grant for Exclusive Right of Burial for a specific plot (either full or half size), for burial or interment of ashes. Exclusive Right of Burial is granted for a period of 99 years. Plots cannot be purchased in advance.

Application for a full burial plot must be arranged via the funeral director. Burial of ashes must be arranged with the funeral director or the Church. The location and size of the grave is determined by the Church and the grave will be prepared by the undertaker appointed by the family / next of kin of the deceased.

Cemetery Terms and Conditions must be adhered to

Memorial Stones

The Church has a responsibility to ensure that all memorial stones are appropriate to their surroundings, therefore, the installation of memorial stones is to be carried out only following consultation between the grave owner’s appointed monumental stonemason and the Church. An application from the stonemason must be sent to the Church to ensure that the design and size of the stone is acceptable to the Church.

Only NAMM registered stonemasons approved by the Church will be allowed in the graveyard. Please see list of approved monumental masons

For all enquiries regarding the cemetery please contact 07986 649596

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